Posted on April 23, 2019 by SG Liquid Metal

Even though there is no denying that gold and silver have always been the vogues of the jewelry realm, the script is fast changing as more people continue to show their preference to stainless steel jewelry.

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SG Liquid Metal Bracelet by Sergio Gutierrez

Posted on April 21, 2019 by SG Liquid Metal

If you were thinking of adding a nice piece of jewelry to your personal collection, then you are in the right place.

The Liquid Metal style is unique and timeless. Some of our customers like to call the Liquid Metal Bracelet a “Fusion of High Fashion”.



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What is SG Liquid Metal Jewelry and why should I buy it

Posted on March 27, 2019 by SG Liquid Metal

SG Liquid Metal Jewelry is a handmade, copyrighted and patented jewelry collection by Sergio Gutierrez. 

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5 Top Looks for New Year's Eve

Posted on December 27, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

New Year's Eve is almost here, and we shall bid farewell to an excellent 2016 and welcome a new year full of possibilities.

We all want to end the year in style and make a good start to 2017. So, this week we've brought a selection of five looks for New Year's Eve.

Don't miss them!

1. Glitter & Confetti

On her blog, Jessica proposes this sparkling look which won't go unnoticed amid the crowd. Glitter and shiny fabrics are, once more, essential at this time of year.

If you want to sparkle even more, you can add this magnificent limited-edition bracelet with Swarovski crystal balls to the outfit .

2. All that Shimmers

Whereas Liz, following on with the sparkle that is usually sought in New Year looks, proposes a combination of colors which is perfect for this celebration: A long elegant dress in golden tones along with beautiful black heels.

To complete the look we suggest this bracelet from our special edition, with an antique-gold finish, which will make you stand out.

3. Holiday Outfit Idea: Black Bow Skirt

Would you prefer to go for a more classic look? In that case the look that Marlene proposes for the New Year celebrations is perfect for you: elegant shades of black, without losing that sparkling touch.

And if you want to add a unique element to the outfit, this stunning onyx mesh ring designed by Sergio Gutiérrez is what you need.

4. New Year’s Eve Outfit Inspiration

If you want to keep away from shiny garments this year the look that Michelle proposes is what you're looking for: an elegant black dress with a splash of color.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Add this magnificent antique silver-finish choker to the outfit and you'll attract all the attention.

5. Casual New Year's Eve Outfit

And if you're looking for a more casual style to end the year, Caitlin's look is perfect for you: black leggings, black tee and white sherpa vest.

To complete the look, nothing better than SG Liquid Metal's star bracelet, with an incredibly silky touch, as with all our jewelry.


Which of these looks would you choose to end the year? We'd love to know, you can leave us a comment on Facebook.

The SG Liquid Metal team wishes you all the best for the New Year!

5 Gifts for this Christmas

Posted on December 24, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

Only a few days left until Christmas, and the Christmas spirit is undoubtedly flooding the streets. It's a time of hot chocolate, carols and... gifts.

Haven't you got that perfect gift yet? Don't worry, you've still got time! We have a selection of ideas for you to surprise your loved ones.

Don't miss them!

1. Limited Edition Onyx Bracelet

Do you want to be a hit this Christmas? Give one of our special-edition bracelets as a present, like our bracelet adorned with an intense black onyx stone inside, for example.

Like all our jewelry, it has an incredible silky touch that makes it perfect not only for special occasions, but also for wearing day-to-day.

2. Antique Silver and Zircons Earring

These beautiful earrings from our stainless steel collection are undoubtedly a perfect gift for this time of year.

They portray elegance right away, and combine easily with any look.

3. Special Edition Amethyst Necklace

Surprise that person you know loves necklaces with one from our collection, such as this beautiful necklace adorned with a lovely amethyst.

Whoever wears it will stand out and you'll certainly make the right choice with it this Christmas.

4. Handcrafted Black Bag

You're sure to have seen our bag collection already. And surely you have taken a look at this elegant black bag from our collection.

Take the opportunity this Christmas to buy yourself a well-deserved gift and get it at last.

5. SG Liquid Metal Gift Card

Do you know a woman who loves our jewelry, but you don't know which one to choose for her? We have the perfect solution for you: Give her the gift of choice with an SG Liquid Metal Gift Card.

Don't think twice and make the right choice this year with one of our new gift cards, from the comfort of your home, quickly and easily.


We hope we've managed to help you find the perfect gift you were looking for, and we take this opportunity to wish you a happy Christmas.

Merry Christmas from all the team at Liquid Metal by Sergio Gutierrez!

5 TOP Looks for Christmas

Posted on December 15, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

At this time of year the streets have a magical air about them, with sparkling lights and decorations. Christmas is just around the corner.

So, we want to inspire you this week with five perfect looks to spend a day surrounded by your loved onesand spread that Christmas spirit wherever you go.

Don't miss the outfits we've chosen!

1. Merry Christmas Look

We love this look that Krystal has shared. An outfit that immediately lends a real Christmassy air.

You can match it up perfectly with our limited-edition bracelet with a beautiful Swarovski crystal surround.

2. Ladylike Red Look

If you want to stand out from the crowd this Christmas, don't miss the look that Julia proposes.

Nothing would combine better with a pair of Liquid Metal earrings.

3. Christmas Party Look

If you want a more elegant look for Christmas Day, the outfit shared by Alyson is what you're looking for.

If you want to give the look that perfect touch, combine it with a lovely Liquid Metal limited-edition bracelet adorned with a beautiful Onyx gemstone.

4. Pops of Red Look

However, if you're after a more comfortable and informal look, Kate's look in red tones is the best option for this Christmas.

To complete the look, nothing better than our star bracelet.

5. Christmas Dress Look

If you're lucky enough to spend Christmas somewhere warm, Jenny's outfit is perfect for you.

A really elegant, Christmassy look. It matches perfectly with our limited-edition bracelet with a sparkling Swarovski crystal.

And if you're still without a present for this Christmas, don't miss the new Liquid Metal gift card.

Which will be your look this Christmas? Share a photo of your look on our Facebook!

And remember to share this article on the social networks if you liked it.

5 Best Looks of Fashion Bloggers in November

Posted on December 01, 2016 by sergio gutierrez

Another month comes to an end as the chill of the fall season creeps onto the streets. At this time of year, no one steps outside without a good overcoat, as seen in the looks of fashion bloggers this month.

Don't miss our selection of the best outfits of the month!

1. Wish Wish Wish

Carrie, who we previously selected amongst the best looks of fashion bloggers in September, is back on our list again.

She's dressed in a style which is typical of this season, combining shades of brown and black. Undoubtedly, the scarf is lovely.

2. Southern Curls & Pearls

Fleeing from the dull colors we tend to see at this time of year, Caitlin's look, without a doubt, is one of this month's selections.

Combining shades of pink, white and gray, she transmits such a warm feeling. What stands out the most is the sweater which must certainly be extremely warm.

3. Sequins & Things

Alyson is another fashion blogger who, once again, has sneaked onto our list of best looks, we chose one of her looks in October.

Combining garments in shades of brown and black, and a checkered scarf, which is definitely in fashion, since we've seen it in many more fashion bloggers' outfits, she creates an amazing look.

4. With Love from Kat

Another of our selections this month, without a doubt, is Kat's fantastic look.

Combining black, red and brown, she creates a really striking look with a country air to it. The lovely waistcoat really stands out.

5. Atlantic Pacific

And last but not least, amongst our selected looks of the month is this one, from Blair, who has a real festive air about her.

We can see that squares dominate, and the scarf stands out, we said they were in fashion.


And that's our selection for this month! Which look do you like the most? Tell us about it on our Facebook.

And if you liked this article, don't forget to share it on the social networks.

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